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Jonathan Myles-Lea is a British artist and photographer. He also lectures about art, architecture and the history of gardens.

Saturday 9 November 2013

Hollywood Morning

The sun rises early in Hollywood so this morning I decided to capture some images of the street where we live. The clarity and warmth of the light here is incredible. What I wasn't able to record was the sound of the fountains and the birds singing in the oleander trees.

The courtyard of The Borghese. 
The house used at the beginning of the 2001 movie 'Mulholland Drive' by David Lynch.

Le Borghese was built in 1929 by the architect Charles Gault, who built a number of famous courtyard buildings in the L.A. area in the 1920s.  Apparently a large olive tree existed on the lot where Le Borghese was to be built and instead of uprooting the tree, Gault centred the building’s courtyard around it.  The 100 year old tree is still there today.

Another view of the Borghese courtyard on the corner of N. Sycamore Ave. LA

The topiary flanking the entrance to The Borghese.

Street view of The Borghese apartments.

Another apartment building on the opposite side of the street to The Borghese.

Virgina Creeper rambling over the windows opposite The Boghese.

View into the courtyard

More apartments on a side street.

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