Le Flâneur Bleu

Jonathan Myles-Lea is a British artist and photographer. He also lectures about art, architecture and the history of gardens.

Saturday 23 February 2013

Creating a 17th century-style picture frame.

Sourcing the timber

Cutting the basic form of the frame to form a chassis. 

Securing the corners with wood glue and 'L' brackets.

Adding a thick moulding on the reverse to add extra depth to the frame.

Front of the frame assembled using two separate timber mouldings added to the chassis.

Detail of mitred corner.

Counter-sunk nail holes and all gaps filled and then sanded.

All corners covered with squares of genuine silk applied using hot rabbit skin glue.

Detail of frame corner showing applied genuine silk squares to prevent cracking.

Making the gesso by first adding rabbit skin glue granules to hot water in a bain marie. 

Adding the whiting (chalk dust) while glue is still hot.

Applying gesso whilst hot.

Gesso applied to the frame in several coats whilst warm.

Frame gessoed with several coats of warm coats.

Gessoed frame dried and sanded.

Frame painted with red Rustin's metal primer.

Gold lines added using bronzing powder on 3-hour gold-size.

Matt black enamel paint applied avoiding gold lines.

Frame completed after application of black bison wax.


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