Le Flâneur Bleu

Jonathan Myles-Lea is a British artist and photographer. He also lectures about art, architecture and the history of gardens.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

After the spring rain...

After a delicate blush of spring rain, the garden exhales a sigh of relief. "Bless you!" it seems to whisper at the crisp, white clouds as they slide across the bright cobalt sky. 

Up from the borders thrust tulips with petals so lush one feels tempted to add them to a salad! Crown Imperials like exotic Indian dancers slowly sway above the burgundy and green hellebores. The first apple-blossom discretely begins to spread its powdery smile across the gnarled trees in the orchard. Delicate lime-greens appear everywhere like washes of watercolour from a painter's brush. Spring returns like an ancient story retold by an excited child. Always fresh, always new; perennially re-conjured from the alchemical earth!

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